English May Not Be the Best Language for Learning Math, but Programs Like Matific Can Help Promote Numeracy in Any Language!

English is a frustrating language to learn. There is always more than one exemption to every grammatical rule and pronunciation is far from phonetic. As it’s evolved, English has absorbed scores of words from other tongues and may have the most abundant vocabulary — depending on how you count. So native-born English speakers appear to […]

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Is That App Worth Your Time?

With tens of thousands of educational apps in the world, it’s clear that not all apps are created equally. As you play different apps, consider these five questions to determine the quality of the app. How deep does it go? Does the app offer multiple levels to scaffold a particular skill or set of skills, […]

To Tech or Not To Tech: There Is No Question

Technology has always played a role in the classroom. Sure, things like iPads and laptops are relatively new entrants. But consider what the word “technology” means. According to Merriam-Webster.com, technology is defined (among other ways) as “a manner of accomplishing a task.” So anything that helps get something done is a kind of technology. What […]