Prevent Summer Learning Loss

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Summer is upon us once again. It is time for those lazy, dog days to begin. But, summertime should not be all work and no play for your students. The setbacks from summer learning loss have been well-documented. The National Summer Learning Association founded through John Hopkins University:

  • Every student experiences summer learning loss when they are not participating in educational activities.
  • Students lose 2.6 months of mathematical computation skills over the course of the summer.
  • Teachers spend between four to six weeks re-teaching material that their new students have forgotten since the summer began.


In 2014, Building Educated Leaders For Life (BELL) conducted an analysis of over 9,000 children enrolled in summer programs. Children who struggle in school and have limited access to summer learning programs received priority enrollment for the programs. The results were staggering! Instead of losing 2.6 months of skills over the course of the summer, underperforming students involved in the summer program gained 3.5 months of math skills! Students who entered the program at or above grade level gained the equivalent to 1.8 months of math skills.

The National Summer Learning Association suggests continual learning opportunities for children over the course of the summer. Summer learning loss is preventable with programs lasting at least six weeks long and held for six hours per day.

Before you say farewell to this year’s class, be sure to get the word out to parents about how summer learning loss can affect their children. Get the word out on June 19th, Summer Learning Day. #KeepKidsLearning