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Halloween Math Games!

It’s that time of year where parents have to think of clever, cheap and age-appropriate costumes for their kids, revise them on the rules of stranger danger and binge on leftover trick-or-treat snacks. Some ambitious folks might carve a face into a pumpkin and others may use the festivities as a good time to teach […]

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Multiplication Games

One of the best way to teach multiplication is with games, be they virtual or physical.  One of our third-grade episodes, A Spinning Table, lets kids pull a lever and WHOOSH!!!!!  Some of the numbers fly off as the table spins.  Students are asked to fill in the missing numbers, a fun way to reinforce their multiplication […]

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How Do You Get To Ten?

By playing counting games with different types or colors of objects, you are preparing your kindergartens for addition.  With our String A Bead episode, children start with an empty string and various beads.  They are the asked to put a specific number of beads on the string.  But, here is the fun part – they […]