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Tutoring Helps Math Anxiety

It’s interesting just how topical math anxiety is at the moment. While being nervous about math and losing sleep before a test was the assumption in my day, researchers are pointing out that it really should not be the norm. In fact, math anxiety can lead to all kinds of long-term problems in academic and […]

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Why Students Should Learn Another Language (and so should you!)

When you’re an English speaker it seems like the world is your oyster. You can travel almost anywhere and find people to communicate with, books to read, movies to see. You’ll find English speakers in virtually any international career path, in universities and corporations worldwide, programming computers and smartphones, dominating Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Yep […]

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Get Crafty With Math

There is only so long that a young child can stare at a whiteboard before the numbers begin to dance on the wall. This time of year is particularly notorious for tired brains, with too many kids mentally checked out until the winter break begins. To give young brains a different type of workout we found […]

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How To Help With Homework

Parents have recently acquired a poor reputation in the realm of math homework.One study suggested that parental meddling does not improve their child’s results and their involvement in helping with Common Core has resulted in a lot of irritation for everyone. However, that does not mean that parents shouldn’t help with homework. In fact, there […]