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When Math Anxiety Is Good

If you ever want to make an anxious person exasperated, there are a few key phrases you can tell them: “don’t worry,” “just don’t think about it” and “focus on something else.” These do more than state the obvious; they reinforce the concept that an anxious brain is somehow miswired, encouraging the person to not […]

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Surviving Substitute Teaching

It’s a cruel fact that the oversupply of elementary teachers means many teachers – especially new graduates – have to rely increasingly on casual and substitute work. Substitute teaching can be tough: the faces and routines are unfamiliar and all too often students see the absence of their usual teacher as the chance for a […]

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Learning From Math Mistakes

Everyone’s heard the proverb “you learn from your mistakes.” Until recently, I mainly applied that phrase to drunken escapades and a small collection of ex-boyfriends. However, I find that I’m repeating the mantra to myself regularly as I watch my daughter stumble her way through a playground. In fact sometimes it’s the only reason I […]