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Tracing Numbers Helps Math

Since the 1900s, Montessori teachers have encouraged students to trace out numbers and letters with their fingers. While there was little scientific reasoning behind the task, Australian researchers have since discovered that those teachers were on to something. A new study has found that students who use their finger to trace math problems seem to […]

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The Many Benefits of Group Work

The first thing many people imagine when they picture a classroom is the teacher standing at the front, chalk in hand, lecturing snoozing students on the causes of the Civil War or the applications ofpi. It’s a tradition that persists despite rapid changes in educational technology, child psychology and pedagogy, a tried-and-true strategy that is […]

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Air Traffic Controllers Need Math

Most careers that require leaving land seem to necessitate a decent understanding of math one way or the other. Whether you are a sea captain using geometry to avoid icebergs or an astronaut punching numbers into the system to calculate your fuel strategy. There are many individuals responsible for these extraordinary endeavours, and some of […]

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Planning Lessons Around Circadian Rhythms

Picture your body as a tiny planet. Each day it passes through distinct seasons: summery times of productivity and growth, low, quiet points of hibernation, and the rises and falls in between. These daily cycles are called circadian rhythms, and they affect bodily functions such as temperature regulation, respiration, digestion and the ability to process […]

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More Board Games For Math

There have been a few incidents in the media that have highlighted just how terrifying helping your children with their math homework can be. So if, like me, you would like to avoid this exercise altogether then help your kids in other ways: by playing board games with them. We have already written about the […]