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Everyone is a Math Person

For one reason or another, it has become acceptable for kids to say that “I’m not a math person,” as if some babies emerge from the womb with a pi-shaped birthmark on their ankle, while others don’t. Sure, some kids find math harder than others but those who struggle initially and make mistakes are far […]

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Is Standardized Testing Good For Kids

Those with children in third grade and beyond will be gearing themselves up for their yearly round of standardized testing. Preparation for these exams inspires a range of responses from discipline to fear. Furthermore, these exams don’t necessarily determine whether a child is good at subjects like math. Instead, they determine whether a child is […]

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Should STEM Become STEAM?

There is currently a debate about whether STEM should become STEAM. For those who aren’t in the know (I wasn’t), this is not a spelling issue. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some voices are calling for an ‘A’ to make an appearance and, in this case, the ‘A’ means Arts. Why does […]

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Why Place Value Is So Important

Place value is one of the key concepts in mathematics curriculum and though it is only explicitly in the standards in the lower grades, understanding place value (or not understanding it) will follow students through their mathematics journey. It is essential that students understand the meaning of a number. For example, in the number 635, […]

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Should Tests Have Time Limits?

In January 2016, New York’s State Education Department announced that its exams will no longer be timed. The overhaul of the federally mandated English and math tests, which are taken by students from grades three to eight, follows concerns that students often struggle to finish within the allotted time. Instead of the tests taking 50 […]