Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!!

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It is National Teacher Appreciation Day!  So, to teachers out there a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Matific.  We know the job you do is not an easy one, but a great teacher can make a profound impact on the life of a child and shape the future for all of us.  Thank you for your early mornings, long nights and even your weekends lost to grading.  

We also wanted to take a moment to honor some teachers that have impacted the members of Team Matific.


“Mrs. Murphy, my kindergarten teacher at Briar Glen Elementary in Wheaton, Illinois has always been one of my favorite teachers.  Underneath a table in her classroom she had build a fort of sorts that she dubbed ‘Australia.’  It had everything from stuffed koalas to a large poster of the Outback hanging overhead.  The most coveted spot in the room during reading time was Austrailia, and I think the time I spent there was a huge influence on my love of reading.”

-Cailin Sandvig

Director of Marketing, U.S.A.


Mrs. Vogios at New Egypt High School in New Egypt, New Jersey was someone who made learning math special. She didn’t treat you like a student but as a peer. She was able to take a concept that most would deem boring and bring light to it. I am forever grateful that she inspired me to become an amazing educator like herself.”

-Lauren McCrone

Digital Math Curriculum Specialist

“Mr. Smelzer, a sixth-grade teacher at Oakley Park Elementary in Walled Lake, Michigan showed genuine interest in all students development including keeping in touch through adulthood when possible.  He was the first teacher to really bring learning, hands-on, to the classroom in all subjects.”

-Mike Bates

VP, Global Sales

“My favorite teacher was my third-grade teacher, Pam Meartens-Kelly at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Tracy, Minnesota.  I adored everything about her.  She was kind to everyone and was always so upbeat.”

-Kari Till

Digital Math Curriculum Specialist

“Through his love of Shakespeare, Dr. Baker at Putnam City North High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma inspired us all.  It was not abnormal for him to dress up in character to help students relate to the literature of the day.  He genuinely cared about

his students and challenged us more than we thought possible.  He still teaches high school English, almost 25 years later. Thank you, Dr. Baker, for investing in young, impressionable minds!”

Valerie Russell

Digital Math Curriculum Specialist