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Do Students Need Algebra?

It’s no secret that algebra is the bane of many students’ lives. Failure rates for high schoolers across US states reach as high as 82%, and even among students who elect to take the subject, failure rates of 50% are common. Algebra – along with other advanced math subjects – is frequently listed as one of […]

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How To Help With Homework

Parents have recently acquired a poor reputation in the realm of math homework.One study suggested that parental meddling does not improve their child’s results and their involvement in helping with Common Core has resulted in a lot of irritation for everyone. However, that does not mean that parents shouldn’t help with homework. In fact, there […]

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Common Core’s Common Problem: When 5×3≠3×5

Once again Common Core has hit the headlines, distressing us commoners and confusing us about everything we think we know with respect to math. What was the offending issue?  Well it was simple: “Use the repeated addition strategy to solve : 5 x 3.” Easy, right? Math that potentially I could do. Not so fast… The child answered 15, with […]