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Explaining Remainders

Students often struggle with division problems that do not yield a whole number result. Whether dividing whole numbers in the lower grades or fractions in middle school, when students are asked to explain what the remainder represents, they become puzzled. Context plays a vital role in making sense of the remainder. If a student is […]

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Surviving Substitute Teaching

It’s a cruel fact that the oversupply of elementary teachers means many teachers – especially new graduates – have to rely increasingly on casual and substitute work. Substitute teaching can be tough: the faces and routines are unfamiliar and all too often students see the absence of their usual teacher as the chance for a […]

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Number Strings

A number string is a set of related math problems. Strings are often used in the earlier grades, but can be used in any grade, and the benefits of the strings are everlasting. Students work to solve strings using mental math strategies and then share their strategies with the class after being given time to […]