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Everyone is a Math Person

For one reason or another, it has become acceptable for kids to say that “I’m not a math person,” as if some babies emerge from the womb with a pi-shaped birthmark on their ankle, while others don’t. Sure, some kids find math harder than others but those who struggle initially and make mistakes are far […]

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On Math Confidence

Here at Matific we write a lot about math anxiety, those who suffer from it and the long-term impact. But what about math confidence? Just as math anxiety affects marks, being able to relate to math is actually linked to having better results. How does this work? Well, a new study by University of Washington […]

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Astronauts Need Math

I remember patiently explaining to my parents that I don’t actually need math because I have a calculator. I held the device out to them. My name was drawn on the cover with liquid paper, and I showed them the buttons for ‘sin,’ ‘cos’ and ‘tan,’ which I’m not sure that I could use today. […]