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Is Standardized Testing Good For Kids

Those with children in third grade and beyond will be gearing themselves up for their yearly round of standardized testing. Preparation for these exams inspires a range of responses from discipline to fear. Furthermore, these exams don’t necessarily determine whether a child is good at subjects like math. Instead, they determine whether a child is […]

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Air Traffic Controllers Need Math

Most careers that require leaving land seem to necessitate a decent understanding of math one way or the other. Whether you are a sea captain using geometry to avoid icebergs or an astronaut punching numbers into the system to calculate your fuel strategy. There are many individuals responsible for these extraordinary endeavours, and some of […]

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More Board Games For Math

There have been a few incidents in the media that have highlighted just how terrifying helping your children with their math homework can be. So if, like me, you would like to avoid this exercise altogether then help your kids in other ways: by playing board games with them. We have already written about the […]

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Car Designers Need Math

Do you have the kind of child who will not look at math homework, but whose neck might break if a fancy car drives past? The kind who can have actual conversations about engine design but refuses to talk about issues that they are encountering with multiplication? Or the type who could watch Formula One […]

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Rock Stars Need Math

Does your child dream of stage lights and squealing guitars? Would they rather listen to the Top 100 than do their homework? They can keep dreaming big, but they had better solve those equations because even rock stars need math. Being a rock star is more than having talent and looking good on stage, to […]

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How To Help With Homework

Parents have recently acquired a poor reputation in the realm of math homework.One study suggested that parental meddling does not improve their child’s results and their involvement in helping with Common Core has resulted in a lot of irritation for everyone. However, that does not mean that parents shouldn’t help with homework. In fact, there […]

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Motor Skills and Mathematics

My two-year old is clumsy (my genes). She walks ahead while staring in a completely different direction and collects bumps, scratches and bruises, daily. I am worried that a medical authority will see her and be suspicious of my parenting. I now have a new concern: all this means that she might be bad at […]