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Where You Come From Matters

As studies have consistently shown, girls are just as able as boys when it comes down to math.  However, this is neither reflected in test results nor in the degrees or careers that women ultimately pursue. Many academics are baffled about why this is the case. One group of researchers decided to investigate and found […]

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Math As A Second Language

In the US almost 10% of students in the public school system speak English as a learner (ELL).  Although the language of math is theoretically universal, their ability to learn may be twice as challenging thanks to the linguistic barrier. “The challenge of teaching math to ELL students lies not only in making math lessons […]

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Gender Stereotypes in Math Harm Everyone

For as long as the STEM fields have existed, an ugly stereotype has festered: that math, science and associated subjects are the domains of men. It is traditionally accepted that boys naturally outperform girls in these subjects as if the male gender possesses some ingrained biological affinity for these disciplines that the female lacks. The […]

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Should STEM Become STEAM?

There is currently a debate about whether STEM should become STEAM. For those who aren’t in the know (I wasn’t), this is not a spelling issue. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some voices are calling for an ‘A’ to make an appearance and, in this case, the ‘A’ means Arts. Why does […]

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Photographers Need Math

So you have a child who is artsy. They’ve taken some shots on your phone (which they grabbed from your handbag without permission) applied a filter and have three thousand likes on a mysterious Instagram account that you never authorized. Their calling is clearly photography, and they will tell you, with conviction, that actually they […]