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We Learn From What We Eat

I guess I might be a better eater than I am a student, and if your child bears any resemblance to me, then I can offer you some empathy. I can also offer you some advice: try to use food to aid learning, because not only can you bribe your children with chocolate, you can […]

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How To Prevent Summer Brain Drain

There are few things more satisfying than hearing the bell ring on the last day of school for the year, with the knowledge that summer vacation is stretched out before you. I remember those months seemed open-ended with possibility, although now as a parent to a toddler they are a looming source of stress. Whether […]

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Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer is upon us once again. It is time for those lazy, dog days to begin. But, summertime should not be all work and no play for your students. The setbacks from summer learning loss have been well-documented. The National Summer Learning Association founded through John Hopkins University: Every student experiences summer learning loss when […]