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Parents vs. Math

Parents vs. Math: Volume 1 – Don’t Let Your Kid Stink at Math Delia comes home from school with a backpack full of homework to tackle. She takes out her writing assignment and completes it furiously. She loves to write. She puts it neatly in her binder then grabs her social studies assignment, studying for […]

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Do Students Need Algebra?

It’s no secret that algebra is the bane of many students’ lives. Failure rates for high schoolers across US states reach as high as 82%, and even among students who elect to take the subject, failure rates of 50% are common. Algebra – along with other advanced math subjects – is frequently listed as one of […]

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Tutoring Helps Math Anxiety

It’s interesting just how topical math anxiety is at the moment. While being nervous about math and losing sleep before a test was the assumption in my day, researchers are pointing out that it really should not be the norm. In fact, math anxiety can lead to all kinds of long-term problems in academic and […]

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How To Help With Homework

Parents have recently acquired a poor reputation in the realm of math homework.One study suggested that parental meddling does not improve their child’s results and their involvement in helping with Common Core has resulted in a lot of irritation for everyone. However, that does not mean that parents shouldn’t help with homework. In fact, there […]

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Encouraging Shy Students

Dealing with shyness can be frustrating for teachers. Your questions go unanswered, tasks go uncompleted and it can feel like you’re not getting through at all. But it’s a far more detrimental experience for students, for whom shyness can mean missing out on learning and socialising and feelings of panic and anxiety. Shy students require […]

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On Math Confidence

Here at Matific we write a lot about math anxiety, those who suffer from it and the long-term impact. But what about math confidence? Just as math anxiety affects marks, being able to relate to math is actually linked to having better results. How does this work? Well, a new study by University of Washington […]