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Math As A Second Language

In the US almost 10% of students in the public school system speak English as a learner (ELL).  Although the language of math is theoretically universal, their ability to learn may be twice as challenging thanks to the linguistic barrier. “The challenge of teaching math to ELL students lies not only in making math lessons […]

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Why Place Value Is So Important

Place value is one of the key concepts in mathematics curriculum and though it is only explicitly in the standards in the lower grades, understanding place value (or not understanding it) will follow students through their mathematics journey. It is essential that students understand the meaning of a number. For example, in the number 635, […]

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Gesturing Towards Better Grades

Does your child need a wide berth when they are engaged in a passionate discussion? Do their arms hit vases when they are talking about their day at school? Do you sometimes think (despite being truly familiar with their hereditary landscape) that they might be Italian? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” […]

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Surviving Substitute Teaching

It’s a cruel fact that the oversupply of elementary teachers means many teachers – especially new graduates – have to rely increasingly on casual and substitute work. Substitute teaching can be tough: the faces and routines are unfamiliar and all too often students see the absence of their usual teacher as the chance for a […]

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Learning From Math Mistakes

Everyone’s heard the proverb “you learn from your mistakes.” Until recently, I mainly applied that phrase to drunken escapades and a small collection of ex-boyfriends. However, I find that I’m repeating the mantra to myself regularly as I watch my daughter stumble her way through a playground. In fact sometimes it’s the only reason I […]

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Tutoring Helps Math Anxiety

It’s interesting just how topical math anxiety is at the moment. While being nervous about math and losing sleep before a test was the assumption in my day, researchers are pointing out that it really should not be the norm. In fact, math anxiety can lead to all kinds of long-term problems in academic and […]

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Why Students Should Learn Another Language (and so should you!)

When you’re an English speaker it seems like the world is your oyster. You can travel almost anywhere and find people to communicate with, books to read, movies to see. You’ll find English speakers in virtually any international career path, in universities and corporations worldwide, programming computers and smartphones, dominating Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Yep […]