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Gesturing Towards Better Grades

Does your child need a wide berth when they are engaged in a passionate discussion? Do their arms hit vases when they are talking about their day at school? Do you sometimes think (despite being truly familiar with their hereditary landscape) that they might be Italian? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” […]

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Surviving Substitute Teaching

It’s a cruel fact that the oversupply of elementary teachers means many teachers – especially new graduates – have to rely increasingly on casual and substitute work. Substitute teaching can be tough: the faces and routines are unfamiliar and all too often students see the absence of their usual teacher as the chance for a […]

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Get Crafty With Math

There is only so long that a young child can stare at a whiteboard before the numbers begin to dance on the wall. This time of year is particularly notorious for tired brains, with too many kids mentally checked out until the winter break begins. To give young brains a different type of workout we found […]

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Encouraging Shy Students

Dealing with shyness can be frustrating for teachers. Your questions go unanswered, tasks go uncompleted and it can feel like you’re not getting through at all. But it’s a far more detrimental experience for students, for whom shyness can mean missing out on learning and socialising and feelings of panic and anxiety. Shy students require […]

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On Math Confidence

Here at Matific we write a lot about math anxiety, those who suffer from it and the long-term impact. But what about math confidence? Just as math anxiety affects marks, being able to relate to math is actually linked to having better results. How does this work? Well, a new study by University of Washington […]