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Rock Stars Need Math

Does your child dream of stage lights and squealing guitars? Would they rather listen to the Top 100 than do their homework? They can keep dreaming big, but they had better solve those equations because even rock stars need math. Being a rock star is more than having talent and looking good on stage, to […]

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How Do You Get To Ten?

By playing counting games with different types or colors of objects, you are preparing your kindergartens for addition.  With our String A Bead episode, children start with an empty string and various beads.  They are the asked to put a specific number of beads on the string.  But, here is the fun part – they […]

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Counting Up To 8

Counting whole numbers is one of the first fundamentals of mathematics that children learn.  Help them to understand how to count objects up to 8 with our great game, At A Snail’s Pace. If you don’t have a computer in class, you can make this fantastic octopus from Crayon Freckles.  You are just a file […]

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Learning to Count

Before having my daughter, I couldn’t remember the last time that I consciously counted.  But while I was pregnant numbers entered my life in a big way.  I counted the weeks of gestation, the days until the baby was due.  I counted through my contractions, and counted how many years I would spend in prison […]