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Math As A Second Language

In the US almost 10% of students in the public school system speak English as a learner (ELL).  Although the language of math is theoretically universal, their ability to learn may be twice as challenging thanks to the linguistic barrier. “The challenge of teaching math to ELL students lies not only in making math lessons […]

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The Push for Philosophy in Elementary Schools

The history of Western education is deeply rooted in philosophy. The very first academy in Ancient Greece was Plato’s school of philosophy, the first in a long line of educational institutions stretching through Antiquity and the Middle Ages right up to modern schools and universities. The original academies were completely devoted to higher learning, and […]

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Everyone is a Math Person

For one reason or another, it has become acceptable for kids to say that “I’m not a math person,” as if some babies emerge from the womb with a pi-shaped birthmark on their ankle, while others don’t. Sure, some kids find math harder than others but those who struggle initially and make mistakes are far […]