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More Board Games For Math

There have been a few incidents in the media that have highlighted just how terrifying helping your children with their math homework can be. So if, like me, you would like to avoid this exercise altogether then help your kids in other ways: by playing board games with them. We have already written about the […]

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Get Crafty With Math

There is only so long that a young child can stare at a whiteboard before the numbers begin to dance on the wall. This time of year is particularly notorious for tired brains, with too many kids mentally checked out until the winter break begins. To give young brains a different type of workout we found […]

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Halloween Math Games!

It’s that time of year where parents have to think of clever, cheap and age-appropriate costumes for their kids, revise them on the rules of stranger danger and binge on leftover trick-or-treat snacks. Some ambitious folks might carve a face into a pumpkin and others may use the festivities as a good time to teach […]

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Multiplication Games

One of the best way to teach multiplication is with games, be they virtual or physical.  One of our third-grade episodes, A Spinning Table, lets kids pull a lever and WHOOSH!!!!!  Some of the numbers fly off as the table spins.  Students are asked to fill in the missing numbers, a fun way to reinforce their multiplication […]

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Exploring Symmetry

Exploring symmetry lines can be a fun, yet challenging lesson for fourth-graders.   Using manipulatives can really help students to internalize the concept.  When kids play our episode Symmetry Lines, they have the opportunity to draw on shapes and discover if they are symmetrical or not. If you don’t have a computer in class, you can check out […]

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Understanding comparisons is key to a kindergarten student.  This core principle lays the foundation for many mathematical concepts that will follow.  Our game, Busy As A Bee can help you illustrate this lesson.   If you don’t have a computer in class, you can make these adorable comparison alligators from PreK+K Sharing and use.  Not […]

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Fraction Games!

Fractions are a very important skill in mathematics. Unfortunately, many kids have a lot of difficulty with the concept. No worries, just check out The Monster’s Share from Matific to help your students to master fractions easily. If you don’t have a computer in class, you can create this fraction hopscotch from Resourceaholic and give […]