Being Bad At Math Is Not Cool

I have heard so many adults (myself included) utter the phrase “I’m bad at math” that it’s no longer information that I actively register. In fact, my friends and I often say things like “I can’t count” or “my brain can’t work numbers.”  I will reach for a calculator a fraction faster than I should. […]


All Work, No Recess

At the moment, if I told any five or six-year-old with whom I am acquainted that they could have extra playtime I have no doubt that they would get themselves to the nearest XBOX and “play” until their corneas morphed into right angles. So I have never examined “play” too closely as an activity and […]

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Roller Coaster Designers Need Math

Does your child love a theme park and hate a classroom? Do they leave a math test forgetting the issues they had with the assessment but get off an amusement-park ride and discuss the experience in detail? Do they have a wishlist of rollercoasters that they would love to visit? Do they have a dream […]