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Everyone is a Math Person

For one reason or another, it has become acceptable for kids to say that “I’m not a math person,” as if some babies emerge from the womb with a pi-shaped birthmark on their ankle, while others don’t. Sure, some kids find math harder than others but those who struggle initially and make mistakes are far […]

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Should Tests Have Time Limits?

In January 2016, New York’s State Education Department announced that its exams will no longer be timed. The overhaul of the federally mandated English and math tests, which are taken by students from grades three to eight, follows concerns that students often struggle to finish within the allotted time. Instead of the tests taking 50 […]

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When Math Anxiety Is Good

If you ever want to make an anxious person exasperated, there are a few key phrases you can tell them: “don’t worry,” “just don’t think about it” and “focus on something else.” These do more than state the obvious; they reinforce the concept that an anxious brain is somehow miswired, encouraging the person to not […]

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Learning From Math Mistakes

Everyone’s heard the proverb “you learn from your mistakes.” Until recently, I mainly applied that phrase to drunken escapades and a small collection of ex-boyfriends. However, I find that I’m repeating the mantra to myself regularly as I watch my daughter stumble her way through a playground. In fact sometimes it’s the only reason I […]

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Tutoring Helps Math Anxiety

It’s interesting just how topical math anxiety is at the moment. While being nervous about math and losing sleep before a test was the assumption in my day, researchers are pointing out that it really should not be the norm. In fact, math anxiety can lead to all kinds of long-term problems in academic and […]

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On Math Confidence

Here at Matific we write a lot about math anxiety, those who suffer from it and the long-term impact. But what about math confidence? Just as math anxiety affects marks, being able to relate to math is actually linked to having better results. How does this work? Well, a new study by University of Washington […]