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Political Scientists Need Math

Has your child campaigned for a later bedtime? Have they successfully won the right for more screentime and a longer break after school before they are forced to do their homework? Well, your child may be interested in politics, and if they steer into the direction of political science, then they definitely need math. A […]

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Three Women Who Invented Modern Math

  Throughout history the study and discussion of math has often been barred to female scholars. German mathematician Emmy Noether, for example – sometimes described as the “most important woman in the history of mathematics” – worked at the Mathematical Institute of Erlangen without pay for seven years, as women were not allowed to hold […]

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Urban Planners Need Math

Does your child love playing Simcity? Do they think they could design your community’s facilities a lot better? Do they have an obsession with maps and transport? They could be interested in a career in urban planning and guess what? Urban planners need math. People who are drawn to urban planning tend to have a […]

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Roller Coaster Designers Need Math

Does your child love a theme park and hate a classroom? Do they leave a math test forgetting the issues they had with the assessment but get off an amusement-park ride and discuss the experience in detail? Do they have a wishlist of rollercoasters that they would love to visit? Do they have a dream […]

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Photographers Need Math

So you have a child who is artsy. They’ve taken some shots on your phone (which they grabbed from your handbag without permission) applied a filter and have three thousand likes on a mysterious Instagram account that you never authorized. Their calling is clearly photography, and they will tell you, with conviction, that actually they […]

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Air Traffic Controllers Need Math

Most careers that require leaving land seem to necessitate a decent understanding of math one way or the other. Whether you are a sea captain using geometry to avoid icebergs or an astronaut punching numbers into the system to calculate your fuel strategy. There are many individuals responsible for these extraordinary endeavours, and some of […]