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Getting Girls Into STEM

As you know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. While the fields represented by the acronym are exciting, the statistics surrounding STEM are pretty depressing for women. In the US, where women comprised 48% of the workforce in 2009, there were only 24% of women working in STEM careers. That’s despite the fact […]

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Five Amazing Female Mathematicians

Having good role models can make a huge difference for women who want to pursue mathematics. So to inspire your daughters and students here are some famous females who excelled in math, through the ages.   1) Hypatia (c.350/370 AD – 415/416) Hypatia may be one of the first female mathematicians. She followed her father […]

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The Women Who Put Men Into Space

On 24th November 2015, President Barack Obama presented Katherine Johnson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. Unlike other recipients of the award that year – including Steven Spielberg, James Taylor and Willie Mays – Katherine Johnson was not a household name in America. She was not a movie […]

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Should STEM Become STEAM?

There is currently a debate about whether STEM should become STEAM. For those who aren’t in the know (I wasn’t), this is not a spelling issue. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some voices are calling for an ‘A’ to make an appearance and, in this case, the ‘A’ means Arts. Why does […]

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Every Class is Math Class

Because of the way our education system is structured, many students come to think of Math as a distinct subject, a different stream of thought to Science or Physical Education or English. But in reality, mathematics – the name of which is derived from a Greek word meaning “knowledge” or “learning” – is the common […]

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On Math Confidence

Here at Matific we write a lot about math anxiety, those who suffer from it and the long-term impact. But what about math confidence? Just as math anxiety affects marks, being able to relate to math is actually linked to having better results. How does this work? Well, a new study by University of Washington […]

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Common Core’s Common Problem: When 5×3≠3×5

Once again Common Core has hit the headlines, distressing us commoners and confusing us about everything we think we know with respect to math. What was the offending issue?  Well it was simple: “Use the repeated addition strategy to solve : 5 x 3.” Easy, right? Math that potentially I could do. Not so fast… The child answered 15, with […]