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The Many Benefits of Group Work

The first thing many people imagine when they picture a classroom is the teacher standing at the front, chalk in hand, lecturing snoozing students on the causes of the Civil War or the applications ofpi. It’s a tradition that persists despite rapid changes in educational technology, child psychology and pedagogy, a tried-and-true strategy that is […]

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Planning Lessons Around Circadian Rhythms

Picture your body as a tiny planet. Each day it passes through distinct seasons: summery times of productivity and growth, low, quiet points of hibernation, and the rises and falls in between. These daily cycles are called circadian rhythms, and they affect bodily functions such as temperature regulation, respiration, digestion and the ability to process […]

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Coping With Math Anxiety

Learning math can be a long and difficult process.  However, not all of the challenges teachers face have to do with cognitive abilities.  Many children suffer from mathematics anxiety, defined by Sheila Tobias in her book Overcoming Math Anxiety as “a feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the […]