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Implementation Rules Supreme

It is mid-August.  The smell of freshly waxed floors and newly painted lockers flows throughout the halls of the school.  Your school is ready for teachers and students to arrive. New technology and curriculum purchases have been made, and this year will be the one that everyone embraces.  Teachers will cheer as they enter and […]

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Fraction Games!

Fractions are a very important skill in mathematics. Unfortunately, many kids have a lot of difficulty with the concept. No worries, just check out The Monster’s Share from Matific to help your students to master fractions easily. If you don’t have a computer in class, you can create this fraction hopscotch from Resourceaholic and give […]

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Skip Counting

Skip counting builds a strong foundation for multiplication. The students can solve simple multiplication using skip counting. For example, two multiplied by four is the same as two counted 4 four times which equals eight. You can teach skip counting in many ways, and Matific has a great game, Ahoy!, with which kids can explore […]